Because Peace IS possible

The Fourth "Object of Rotary" encourages Rotarians to pursue:

The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.

One of the 6 Areas of Focus of Rotary is: Peace and Conflict Resolution.

The Rotary movement is guided by a mission to build international understanding, peace and goodwill between the peoples of the world. Moreover, Rotary has in recent years emphasized peacebuilding as a cornerstone activity supported by the Rotary Foundation through its innovative Rotary Peace Fellowships. This innovative professional development and post-graduate degree program strives to build competent peacemakers from a variety of professional backgrounds - to help put out the first in flashpoints around the world.

There are few geopolitical flashpoints that present such a clear and present danger as the Korean peninsula - where US and South Korean troops are aligned against one of the world's largest standing armies in North Korea. The 1955 armistice did not end the war - it just put it on hold, and as Rotarians we would like to see this finally put to bed so that people in the North of the peninsula can improve their quality of life and enjoy similar prosperity as their neighbours in China, Russia, and South Korea.

Read more about Rotary's Peace Fellowships here:

Rotarians can and should do their part to help reduce tensions and normalize the situation on the Korean peninsula. And it starts with dialogue and trust building - and what better way to achieve this than through Rotary community service projects.

People are people – families are families – and kids are kids, no matter where they are or what type of society they live within.

We are fortunate to have visited North Korea many times and have made sincere friends with people who share similar aspirations to our own (get a good job, find a good spouse, support and educate our children, help them become independent, etc.) – but who face a unique set of challenges they must overcome to achieve them. One of their biggest challenges is being cut off from the outside world, not having ready access to new ideas and technologies, and being restricted in their means to connect with the greater global family and to make new friends.

North Koreans appreciate true friendships no less than others, and so by facilitating communication between Rotarians and DPR Koreans we are able to break down barriers, eliminate stereotypes and foster new friendships.

Because EVERY child deserves a helping hand

It is no secret that children, and particularly newborns, orphans and the disabled are among the most vulnerable members in any society. By working in close collaboration with the Korean Federation for the Protection of the Disabled we have frequently focused our attention on these segments.

The number of orphans and the disabled may be finite in the DPRK (North Korea), but their needs are vast and they welcome the ongoing support from Rotarians on many fronts:

  • Health & Hygiene (from simple antibiotics and vitamin supplements to handwashing facilities and soap)
  • Food Aid (solutions to fight chronic malnutrition)
  • Energy availability (sustainable sources of energy such as solar water heaters to provide hot water, or off-grid LED lighting systems to enable safe, night-time study)

We help Rotarians implement sustainable, scaleable solutions to these problems and more.

Orphans in the Pyongsong Orphanage bid farewell to our team member who installed a solar water heater on their roof - and gave them access to improved health and hygiene.

Orphans in the Pyongsong Orphanage bid farewell to our team member who installed a solar water heater on their roof - and gave them access to improved health and hygiene.