Fertilizer and Food Aid Needed for 2015

Humanitarian Food Aid Needed

It is always distressing to receive messages like this because I have seen first hand the grim reality of what people have to put on their tables at home in North Korea, and it stands in such stark contrast with the situation in neighbouring China or Russia.

Our friend has written this week:

As you know, I visited to Taiwan in 2011, at that time I was told from a friend of mine that a lady whose name was just Hope attached to RC Taipei wanted to help us donate food (white rice) amounting to 500MT, even if the amount was a bit small volume as compared with urgently required amount. However, I could not hold on contact with her to the last because that friend did not introduce her to me.

Also my ex-boss, Resident Representative of UNDP Pyongyang Office came from Belgium strongly mentioned to me several times that it was important for DPRK to negotiate with Brunei in terms of economic relation and humanitarian aid. Just then, the boss planned with me to go to Brunei for arranging a round table meeting with purpose of negotiating provision of food and fertilizer to our country under humanitarian aid, but failed to attain our aim, as he was moved to other Office by his promotion.

Currently, the food situation of our country has taken an unfavourable turn, thus leading not to have supplied the food to people as it stands. The reason is why we have been affected with severe natural disasters for a long time in spite of the fertilizer shortage, consequently declined in agricultural production. Furthermore, we are under great apprehensions about absolute deficiency of the fertilizer necessary for grain production of next year.

For such reason, we are very keen on connection with charitable foundations and agencies in Taiwan and Brunei through good offices of Rotarians with a view to promotion of economic relation and cooperation for food and fertilizer under humanitarian aid.
When it comes to amount of the food and fertilizer we want, it will depend on their decisions based on humanitarian standpoint.

Your kind guidance would be appreciated.  

So to help him we are searching now for Rotarian - and non-Rotarian sources of fertilizer or food aid that could help the DPR Koreans get through this Winter and into next Spring.