Clean Cookstoves for Orphans and Families


To provide high efficiency “rocket” improved cookstoves to orphanages and poor residents in the rural countryside of the DPRK to reduce consumption of scarce biomass fuelstuff and to reduce harmful gaseous emissions that impact health of children and adults.


Energy poverty is rampant throughout the DPRK. People living in the countryside lack access to reliable power supply and so burn scarce biomass in inefficient cookstoves to feed their families. Women and children spend considerable time foraging for biomass fuel which reduces the time they can study and care for their families. Orphanages are dependent on the state but have insufficient resources to satisfy their need for food, fuel, medicine and more.
Smoke from inefficient stoves in poorly ventilated homes kills 1.6 million people worldwide every year; the majority of victims are women and children younger than five years. Indoor air pollution is the fourth-biggest killer in the developing world. 

A problem that can be solved - courtesy of Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

Project Scope

To provide:

a) 2 institutional EFL-100L rocket cookstoves for trial use in the kitchen of an orphanage and school for orphans; and

b) 14 Econofire rocket cookstoves for families currently living in ShelterBox tents in the DPRK.


  • DPRK Committee for the Promotion of International Trade - in country distribution and monitoring 
  • ShelterBox ( - location of project recipients
  • Envirofit - Manufacturer of high efficiency rocket stoves for the developing world (
  • Huaqiao Foundation ( - project management support
  • Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves ( - reference material
    Participating Rotary Clubs - fundraising and in-country follow-up


This project will benefit:

a) 550 school children and 150 staff of Mirim School for Orphans and 280 children and 110 staff of Pyongyang No. 1 Orphanage, with a institutional size rocket cookstove, and

b) 14 families of up to 10 people living in Shelterbox tents with a family rocket cookstove.


This project will reduce the amount of time and effort that women and children spend foraging for biomass fuels. It will improve health of children and adults by reducing their exposure to toxic gases from inefficient cookstoves.

This will reduce by 60% biomass fuel required, reduce 80% of noxious emissions and reduce cooking time by 50%. This will improve children’s health and free up their time for study.


If successful this project can be expanded to provide Econofire units to other recipients of ShelterBox tents in the DPRK and to poor villagers in Rinsan county; and/or to provide institutional cookstoves to other locations such as Pyongsong Baby Home, Sariwon Baby Home, etc.


Total budget is USD 1805.00 (CNY 11500).


This project will require 45 days to execute once funding is confirmed. Target is 30 Nov 2015.

Cooking Shouldn't Kill!

A very useful infographic - courtesy of the Himalayas Stove Project - started by Rotarian George Basch.

A very useful infographic - courtesy of the Himalayas Stove Project - started by Rotarian George Basch.

And Envirofit has Effective Solutions

Proven to work by Rotarians in Nepal and elsewhere around the world.

Econofire Wood Cookstove


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Rugged and sturdy pot support frame
  • Compact for onsite assembly

The EconofireTM stove is Envirofit’s newest efficient clean energy cookstove designed for safety and stability. This stove combines our industry-leading clean combustion technology into a rugged, sturdy, portable solution that is easy to assemble, use, and clean. The EconofireTM is crafted with a low center of gravity for rigorous cooking and is made with a heavy-duty wire frame to create a barrier from the hot surface of the combustion chamber. The pot support rail can accommodate a range of different round or flat-bottomed cooking pots from a tea kettle to a stock pot. Designed with the highest quality safety and performance standards, our compact knockdown design allows for maximized transport and on-site assembly.

Click above to download this spec sheet as a PDF.

Click above to download this spec sheet as a PDF.


EFL-100L Institutional Cookstove

Click above to download a PDF version of this product brochure.

Click above to download a PDF version of this product brochure.